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Your councillor is elected to represent you and your community to Craven District Council. Councillors can make a difference to the quality of people's daily lives.

Use the postcode search to find details of your local Craven Ward and your District Councillor or Councillors.

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Your councillor is here to champion the interests of the local community and effectively represent the interests of the Ward and its constituents.

There are 19 Wards for the Craven District Council, eight of these are represented by one councillor and eleven are represented by two councillors. In addition, there are seven county councillors who represent your area (Electoral Divisions) on North Yorkshire County Council.  Some councillors may also represent parishes on Parish and Town Councils

Role of Members

Being an effective councillor requires both commitment and hard work. Every day, councillors have to balance the needs and interests of their residents, political parties and the council.

Councillors are there:

  • to undertake case work for constituents and support them to resolve concerns or grievances
  • to communicate with local people and answer enquiries
  • to help communities get involved in the governance of the area
  • to forge local partnerships to ensure resources are used to meet the needs of the area
  • to represent the authority to the community and the community to the Council
  • to help officers set the Council's policies, budget, strategies and service delivery
  • to consult local interested groups on key Council decisions
  • to lead on the delivery of priorities within the Council Plan
  • to deliver the work programmes of committees and sub-committees

Councillor Conduct

Councillors have signed up to a  Code of Conduct that is based on the principles of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership and is part of the  Council's constitution.   Councillors have agreed to:

  • behave in an a respectful and non bullying manner.
  • use the resources of the Council in accordance with its requirements
  • maintain confidentially.
  • register interests that relate to memberships of other organisations
  • declare relevant interests at meetings,  as per the guidelines
  • register interests of themselves and their partners (e.g membership of charities, groups that aim to influence policy or public opinion,  groups carrying out public functions, gifts or hospitality, perception of conflicts)
  • register pecuniary interests with the Monitoring Officer e.g
    o Employment, Sponsorship
    o Contracts,
    o Land,
    o Licences,
    o Corporate Tenancies and Securities


Revised Code of Conduct - 1st December 2015

Following a review by Standards Committee, the Council has adopted a revised Code of Conduct for Members.  The Code of Conduct now requires Members to leave the room if they have an Appendix A interest in a matter and move to the public gallery if they have an Appendix B or paragraph 15 interest.


Register of Councillors' Interests

Details of the registrations made by each of the Craven District Councillors are on their individuals pages. The Parishes Registers are on each Parish's webpage , and on the Parish Council's website, where they have one. The Register of Interests for the District Council and all Parish / Town Councils is maintained by the Council's Monitoring Officer and is available for inspection at the Council's Offices.   Members of both the District and Parish / Town Councils must keep their registration of interests under review and notify Craven District Council's Monitoring Officer of any changes within 28 days.

Making a complaint

The Monitoring Officer will consider any complaints that a member of this Council or a member of a parish or town council in the District has broken the rules in the Members' Code of Conduct.   Your complaint should be addressed to the Monitoring Officer by using the word icon Complaint Form about Member Conduct [93kb]. If you need help in deciding whether to submit a complaint please contact the Monitoring Officer.

  • List of Councillors

    Your councillor is one of the people elected every 4 years to represent your area, which is called a Ward, on Craven District Council.

  • Chairman of Council

    The Chairman of Craven District Council is elected each year at the Annual Council Meeting, which is usually held in May each year.

  • Be a Councillor

    Becoming a Councillor presents a real opportunity for you to get involved and influence, as a community leader, what is going on in your area.

  • Allowances for Councillors

    The council publishes details of its Allowances' Scheme for Councillors, together with amounts paid to them on an annual basis.

  • Honorary Aldermen and Alderwomen

    The Council may confer the title of Honorary Alderman or Alderwoman of the District on persons who have, in the opinion of the Council, given eminent service to the Council as a past Councillor.