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Free Access to National Sports People (FANS)

Craven Leisure Centre offers elite and talented athletes free membership through the FANS scheme.

FANS: Free Access for National Sports People 2018

Launched in 2007 by Andy Trigg Hodge the Olympic and World Champion rower the FANS scheme, offers 12 free memberships to Craven Leisure for Elite and Talented Athletes from Craven District.

The FANS Photo board is to celebrate and recognise the achievements of these athletes from the Craven District. The Council wishes to support elite and talented athletes to help them with their sporting performance in line with the Olympic legacy aspirations. FANS memberships are invited during November and December each year.

For the first time we want to recognise our rising starts too and so we are widening our criteria to enable children from the age of 11, who live in the Craven District, to also apply to be part of the scheme. Rising Star applications must include a coach's statement.

Priority will be given to the following 20 Sport England priority sports: 



 Rugby League

Rugby Union

Details of the scheme are in the word icon FANS membership application form 2018 [1Mb] 2018 FANS Criteria and Application form.  Closing date for applications is 15th December 2017

Talented and Gifted Sports Grants

The Council does not have a grant scheme to support talented athletes.  There are however two national schemes that support.  One is Sports Aid (a charity) and the other is the Governments Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

You can also try and seek sponsorship or contact your national governing body to ask them if they have any funding schemes to help.


The Sports Development Service has gained Quest accreditation (UK Quality Scheme for Sport and Leisure) with a score of 85% leading to an "Excellent" rating. 
This represents one of the highest scores in the UK.

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