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Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign

After 15 months of planning and fundraising in partnership with Craven Youth Council, Craven District Council is pleased to announce that Aireville Park Skatepark is now open for use.

Latest: Aireville Skatepark is now officially open!

We hope you enjoy using the skatepark and will join us for our launch event where we will be collaborating with The Works Skatepark in Leeds for some professional demonstrations. The Works will also hold professional led taster sessions at the event for those you you who have never tried skating before to show you some tips. The event will take place 10am - 12noon, 3rd September 2015, Aireville Park Skipton. You can pdf icon download a copy of the launch event poster here [668kb].

Here are before and after photos of the skatepark so you can see the improvements that have been made. You can also read more about how we raised the money for the skatepark below.

Aireville Skatepark Before Aireville Skatepark After

November 2014: Skatepark campaign reaches £100,000 target

Yorventure Environmental Body has awarded £27,085 to Friends of Aireville Park for the Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign (SSSC). With this donation, the campaign for a new skatepark has reached its target of £100,000 after just 8 months of fundraising.

See the Press Release

Craven Youth Council launched their Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign early in 2014 to raise £100,000 for funding for the rebuild of the Skatepark in Aireville Park, Skipton. The group is receiving support from Craven District Council and Friends of Aireville Park to rebuild the Skatepark in Aireville Park.

Watch Craven Youth Council's Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign film for further information and read on:

Read CYC'spdf icon New Skipton Skatepark presentation [511kb]

How people got involved

Write a letter of support to the Save the Skipton Skatepark Campaign

The SSSC is asking for local people, organisations and businesses to back their effort by writing a letter or email of support stating why they believe the skatepark is important to the community and why a new one is needed. Please send your letters of support to Policy Development Officer, Craven District Council, 1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton,BD23 1FJ or email  Please make sure these reach us by no later than the 23rd May 2014 as they will help support our funding bid for £50,000 to Sport England.


If you would like to donate to the Save Skipton Skatepark campaign there is a collection tin in reception at Craven Pool in Aireville Park and at the Council Offices, Belle Vue Square, Skipton (opposite Morrisons).

Friends of Aireville Park are in the process of setting up a Local Giving page for online donations and a link will be made available here.

Attend a Youth Council meeting

Craven Youth Council meet each fortnight 4pm - 5.30pm, Otley Street Youth  and will be discussing the skatepark campaign amongst other issues of concern for young people. If you are aged 13 - 19 why not come along to the next Craven Youth Council meeting to make a difference to your local community. Visit the Craven Youth Council webpage for further information about meeting dates.

About the Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign

View our Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign Presentation

The Skatepark has been in Aireville Park since 1998 and because it is so well used has become worn and has unfortunately has been closed following a routine health and safety inspection by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) on behalf of Craven District Council. The closure of the skatepark means that many young riders have to travel to places much further away!

Chair of Craven Youth Council, Jay Harrison said: "We've been going to other places in Skipton like car parks and practicing tricks in them. Local people were complaining and community support officers were telling us to go somewhere else. But the Skatepark is unsafe and we can't go anywhere without getting into trouble so where do we go? We have been working with Craven District Council over the last year to get a new Skatepark!"

The Council is investigating putting a temporary skatepark in place in the summer until funds can be raised for a new permanent one. The skatepark users' have worked with Craven District Council to design a new skatepark as part of a tender competition and the preferred designs will cost between £50,000 and £100,000. The new skatepark design is a more modern design with better equipment that is more weather resistant and won't wear out as quickly. Which design will ultimately be chosen, depends on the amount of funds that can be raised. So far Craven District Council has given the Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign (SSSC) £25,000 towards the project. The group also took part in the Craven Dragons Den and received £500. In addition, they are aiming to raise £5,000 from fundraising events and will be applying for funding from organisations such as Sport England.

Paul Shevlin, Chief Executive of Craven District Council will donate any sponsorship money he raises from his annual Manchester 10k run on 18 May towards the campaign. He said: "It is fantastic to see skatepark users and Craven Youth Council putting so much effort into fundraising for a new skatepark. The skatepark is a valued facility for young people in Craven and clearly well used. It is important that we try to get a new one in place as soon as possible and I would like to show my personal support for the cause by running the Manchester 10k and making the skatepark campaign the benefactor."

Jordan Clarke, a spokesperson for Craven Youth Council said: "We hope that we will raise the money as soon as possible so we can get a new Skatepark in the near future and that it will last much longer than the current one. We also hope that you will support the project as the whole community will benefit from the new Skatepark. It will help to lower anti-social behaviour and improve health and well being of young people around craven."

What is Craven District Council doing to get us a new skatepark?

Renewal of the skate park is a major priority for Craven District Council have been working with Craven Youth Council and Friends of Aireville Park over the last year to improve Aireville Park and help get a new skatepark by:

  • Contributed £37,500 toward the cost of a new skatepark and are looking for ways to maximise this by attracting match funding
  • Successfully applying to the Veolia Trust for £25,000.
  • Working on funding bids to Sport England Inspired Facilities for £50,000 and North Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Community Fund for £20,000
  • Supporting Craven Youth Council with fundraising events
  • Held a competitive tender process inviting companies to submit designs for a new skatepark. There were three different categories to enter and these were £50,000 and under, £80,000 and under and £100,000 and under. We asked for designs in for three different prices so that no matter what happens with the fundraising we will defiantly be able to get a new skatepark for Aireville Park that is more modern than the current one which is in desperate need of an update. We held meetings with skatepark users to speak with companies submitting designs so that we knew what the skatepark users wanted in the skatepark. We also invited skatepark users to a meeting after the tender competition has closed to hear skaters opinions about the 'play value' of the designs. Play value is just one of the things that the designs are judged on, we also take into consideration cost, warranty and guarantee and product range. Each of these categories are scored by different people who are professionals in that area to decide which design is the best. Until each category has been judged, agreed and finalised, we do not know which designs have been selected to be used in Aireville skatepark. We will announce the winner of the tender competition here as soon as we have further details. There will also be an opportunity to tweak the designs with the winning company so that they reflect the needs of everyone who uses the skatepark.

How we have raised £100,000

£37,500 - Contribution from Craven District Council

£500 -  Craven Youth Council won £500 from Craven Dragon's Den to support their project.

1st May 2014 - CYC launched the Save our Skatepark Campaign Launch presenting their case and campaign film at Friends of Aireville Park AGM to gather local support and sent out a press release to the local news.

2nd May 2014 - CYC wrote to all local businesses, statutory organisations, voluntary and community organisations, local Councillors, MP, Police Crime Commissioner to ask for support with their campaign via letters of support to go with the funding bid to Sports England for £50,000.

18th May 2014 - Attended thepdf icon Craven Sport and Cultural Fayre [790kb] to demonstrate stunts on the mobile skatepark and raised £12.83.

18th May 2014 Manchester 10k for Skipton Skatepark £837 - Sponsor Paul Shevlin, Chief Executive of Craven District Council to ran the Manchester 10k on 18th May 2014, raising £837 towards the Youth Council's Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign. Craven Youth Council would like to thank Paul Shevlin for his efforts to help raise £100,000.

24th May 2014 - Craven Youth Council hosted a Fundraising Cafe at Skipton Town Hall and raised £734.51 selling homemade cakes, afternoon teas and bacon butties. Thanks to Tesco and Morrisons for their very generous donation of ingredients.

7th June 2014 - Craven Youth Council raised £150 towards the skatepark campaign when Skipton Fire Station will be supported them with a fundraising carwash.

25th June 2014 - Successful application to Veolia Trust for £25,000. See our Press Release

29th June 2014 -Craven Youth Council raised £113 packing bags at Skipton Tesco.

29th July 2014 -  Craven Youth Council applied to Craven Temperance Fund who donated £1000 towards the skatepark.

September 2014 - Safer Craven Partnership awarded £500 to Craven Youth Councils Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign.

November 2014 - Craven Youth Council won £10,000 from the North Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner Community Fund.

November 2014 - Yorventure Environmental Body has awarded £27,085 to Friends of Aireville Park for the Save Skipton Skatepark Campaign (SSSC). With this donation, the campaign for a new skatepark has reached its target of £100,000 after just 8 months of fundraising.