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Roads maintenance

The maintenance and repair of road surfaces and the co-ordination of third-party work which effects roads, such as utility companies, property developers and private citizens is co-ordinated by North Yorkshire County Council.

If you want to report a pothole or have some other road maintenance issue, please contact North Yorkshire County Council, see their website page North Yorkshire County Council - Roads Maintenance.

North Yorkshire County Council also has responsibility for the maintenance of pavements within the area. They should provide advice on reporting dangerous pavements and what to do in the event of an accident resulting from trip hazards (holes, uneven paving slabs etc.) on the pavement.

The majority of grass verges adjacent to roads are within the public highway. North Yorkshire County Council is required to keep these safe and unobstructed.

Information on this service is provided by North Yorkshire County Council. Please see their website North Yorkshire County Council - Grass Cutting & Verge Maintenance.