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What kind of works require Building Regulations Approval?

Most types of building works require some form of Building Regulations approval to ensure their safety, these can include: -

Building enforcement
  • New buildings (domestic, commercial and industrial)
  • Extensions (porches and conservatories can be exempt if certain criteria is met) - please refer to leaflet numbers 2 and 4
  • Structural and other alterations such as the removal of load-bearing internal walls - please refer to leaflet number 4
  • Loft conversions - please refer to leaflet number 5
  • Garages - should they fall over a certain size - please refer to leaflet number 3
  • Installations of sanitary fittings which involve new drainage work
  • Certain changes of use e.g. conversion of a building into a dwelling or flats - please refer to leaflet number 6
  • Replacement windows and doors - please refer to leaflet number 7

Additional Note regarding replacement windows: - If your intended installer is FENSA registered you could visit the FENSA website to find out more information.

You can now search for FENSA registrations against individual properties or should you need to re-order a certificate from them you can now do so by visiting their website

  • Electrical Works - please refer to the leaflet number 8
  • Upgrade to thermal elements i.e. new insulation, re-roofing.

A useful 'Guide to Extensions Booklet' is also available to view which includes additional information for all kinds of domestic building works and also includes useful contacts for local companies and tradepersons.

If you are intending to erect a structure which is classified as being exempt from Building Regulations approval and would like confirmation that this is the case, you can notify us by completing the form 'Notice of Intention to Erect an Exempt Building' which is available to download.  This form should be completed and returned to these offices, once this has been received we will send out a letter of confirmation.

The onus is upon you as the applicant to ensure you have complied with Building Regulations, so please don't hesitate to contact, we can offer you a free and comprehensive guidance to ensure your building works run as smoothly as possible.

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