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Trees and Hedges

Advice on Tree Preservation Orders, works to trees within Conservation Areas, the removal of hedgerows, and High Hedge complaints.

Sutton Park


For trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) consent is required from the Council to carry out works to it.  Protection is also given to all trees in Conservation Areas and the Council must be formally notified of an intention to carry out any works that may affect such a tree.

We recommend that before submitting your application you read the guidance notes that accompany the application form, this will help to ensure that we have all the information required in order to validate your application.

A copy of the guidance notes, validation requirements, and the form to be used to apply for works to be protected trees can be found on the Council's Planning Application Forms web page

When applications are received the Parish or Town Council are notified and our Trees Officer will visit the site.


Contact Details

Contact name:Trees Officer
Telephone Number:01756 706459