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Help with bonds and rent in advance

The Council provides bonds and rent in advance to people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to enable them to move to suitable rented accommodation, where they are unable to raise their own deposit. Bonds and rent in advance are loans in all cases that are repayable to the Council by agreed regular instalments.

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If you are homeless or under threat of homelessness, then please contact the Housing Options team for advice. Our first priority is to prevent you from becoming homeless but if this is not possible, then we will help you look for alternative accommodation and may offer a bond and/or rent in advance if you meet all of the following criteria:



•    Homeless or at risk of homelessness (as assessed by Craven District Council),

•    Eligible for assistance (this means lawfully resident in the UK, entitled to public assistance with housing, and have the Right to Rent),

•    Currently live in the Craven District and have done so for the last six months,

•    Be on benefits or a low income and not have enough savings to pay their own bond and rent in advance.

(Applicants with savings of more than £1,000 do not qualify).


We will only offer a bond on a property that is affordable for you and is suitable for your needs.


Contact the Housing Options team for further advice and assistance on 01756 706475, or email




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