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Housing need

The Housing Act 1985 requires all local authorities to carry out regular assessments of housing need within their areas.


Our surveys provide more detail about people's housing needs and aspirations and help shape the development of new homes - in particular low-cost affordable housing - in years to come. The responses help to influence current housing and planning policies, and also ensure that investment in affordable housing matches local needs as closely as possible.

North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (NY SHMA) 2011-16

In 2011, consultants GVA Grimley were commissioned by the North Yorkshire authorities, including the County Council and the Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks Authorities, working together as the North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Partnership, to undertake the biggest piece of housing research ever undertaken in the region.

The survey looked at all aspects of housing - including affordable housing, housing for older people and supported housing for vulnerable people as well as the 'open' housing market of homes for sale.

The questionnaire used was sent to approximately 160,000 households across the county including every home in our rural areas and a sample in the larger towns. However, everyone - whether they received a survey form or not - was able to take part by completing the survey online.

The final report was approved by the Local Government North Yorkshire & York Housing Board at its meeting on the 12th December 2011 and the report and appendices specific to Craven can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


Craven Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2015 - New

Craven commissioned Arc4 to carry out a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) in 2015 to provide the latest available evidence to help shape the future planning and housing policies of the area. The study will help inform the production of the Council's Local Plan and Housing Strategy. This research provides an up-to-date analysis of the social, economic, housing and demographic situation across the area. In particular, the SHMA considers the extent to which Craven is a Housing Market Area, Objectively Assessed Housing Need and Duty to Co-operate matters.

The 2015 SHMA comprises:

• A review of existing (secondary) data;

• The preparation of household and dwelling forecasts; and

• Interviews with stakeholders.

The findings from the study provide an up-to-date, robust and defensible evidence base for policy development which conforms to the Government's National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG).

The Craven SHMA is available to download by clicking pdf icon Craven Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2015 [5Mb].