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Housing advice for older people

As people get older their housing needs may change. If you are starting to think about your options, this page will guide you to sources of useful information.

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If you would like to stay where you are but are finding it difficult to manage - there are ways you can make life easier or safer.

If you are considering moving - there are several types of housing that may be more suitable for you as your needs change.

Help to stay in your home

With a little extra help you may be able to remain independent in your own home. Our Help to stay in your home web page provides details of help if you are experiencing financial, neighbour or landlord issues. However, if your issues are more of a housing repair/maintenance nature we would recommend that you contact the Craven Home Improvement Agency. 

The Craven Home Improvement Agency are part of the Yorkshire Housing Care and Support service and they offer a broad range of advice on services available which may include elements of social care-services, healthcare-services, housing repairs and maintenance, telecare-services, aids and adaptations.

They also provide a Handyman service which can carry out a range of works including:

  • small household repairs
  • adaptations
  • maintenance works
  • safety checks

There may be a small charge for this work depending on your financial circumstances.

They can also provide advice on energy efficiency and accessing benefits and/or grants.  

Help to adapt your home - e.g. stair lifts, ramps and level acess showers

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to people who have a disability or medical condition and their home needs to be adapted in some way so that they can get around the home with as much ease, comfort and independence as possible.  It is a mandatory grant of up to £30,000 awarded by Craven District Council  following referral from North Yorkshire County Council's Health & Adult Services Team. 

Most commonly the grant pays for stair lifts, level access showers and ramps - but also covers extensions to the home where there isn't enough space to facilitate the disabled person's needs. If you or someone you provide care for are struggling to get around the home contact NYCC on 01609 780780 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

To find out more about this grant, please click here or contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council Tel: 01756 706392

Other housing options in Craven

If you feel you need daily care or your home is not suitable because it may be too big or costly to keep - you may wish to consider other housing options. Our Housing Options in Craven web page provides details of other housing options including:

  • Supported housing
  • Sheltered housing
  • Extra Care housing

For care and support enquiries we would recommend that you discuss your requirements with your doctor and/or North Yorkshire County Council's Adult social care team

What other help is available?

Housing Options Team

The Council's Housing Options Team are able to provide free and comprehensive housing advice on all housing options available in Craven. Please contact the Team by telephone or email - or arrange an interview at our offices at Belle View Square, Skipton or a home visit.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC)

The EAC is a charity, set up to help older people make informed choices about the housing, support and care options available. The EAC Housing care website includes advice for the older person, their families or advisors and information on different types of accommodation.  They also have a search option to enable you to look at the variety of accommodation available each week for older people to rent or buy in any location across the UK.

Below is a list of links to guides on their website containing more information. The Craven district does not have all the accommodation options listed but by using the search option on the EAC website you can see what is available.

Visit their website or telephone the EAC on 020 7820 1343 or email at


This is a new Care and Repair - England initiative which provides information for older people about housing and care options in later life so that they can plan ahead and make a more informed choice. Silverlinks has a new online "teach yourself" pack for older people: new online "teach yourself" interactive pack for older people: "Thinking Ahead: Housing, Care & Related Finance in Later Life". This covers different aspects of making decisions about our housing as we get older and as importantly, where to go for further information and practical help.

It is aimed at anyone who may be thinking about whether to move or stay put and will also be of use to families and carers of older people.  It can be accessed via the Silverlinks site by clicking here - where there is both an online and print-friendly version available. 

Which? Elderly Care

Which? Elderly Care is a source of free and independent information and advice on care and housing options for older people across the UK.

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