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Audit Completion Report (Annual Audit Letter)

The Council receives an Audit Completion Report from its external auditor. It provides a summary of the Council's performance based on the audit work undertaken as part of the auditor's Audit and Inspection Programme. This was formerly known as the Annual Audit Letter.

The most recent Audit Completion Report for the year ended 31 March 2016 was issued to the Council in September 2016 and reported to the Council's Audit Committee.

The Audit Completion Report and previous Audit Letters are available to download from this page. 

The Council also historically received a separate Annual Governance Report, and the last received for the 2011/12 financial year is also available to download.

The documents can be made available in other languages or formats such as braille, large print or audio on request. 

Following national changes to the audit regime, Mazars were appointed as the the Council's auditor in 2015. 

If you wish to contact the auditor, the appointed auditor for the Council Mr Mark Kirkham can be contacted using the details below:  

Mazars LLP (Durham)
The Rivergreen Centre, Aykley Heads, Durham, DH1 5TS

Telephone: 0191 383 6314