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Corporate Governance

Governance is all about how local government bodies ensure that they are doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people; in a timely, inclusive, open and accountable manner. It comprises the systems, processes, cultures and values that are in place to direct and control what they do and account to and engage with their communities.

Each local government body operates through a governance framework which brings together a set of legislative requirements, governance principles and management processes.

Local Code of Corporate Governance

The Local Code of Corporate Governance sets out the core principles that the Council will adhere to for securing good governance and a summary of its arrangements for securing good governance through its Internal Control/Governance Framework.

Annual Governance Statement

The Council publishes an Annual Governance Statement each year as part of the Statement of Accounts . This sets out how the Council has met the arrangements outlined in its Local Code over the past year. It identifies any gaps and the action the Council will take to meet those gaps over the following year. 

Audit Completion Report

Arrangements for governance and are assessed by the Council's external Auditors Mazars as part of their annual audit which also includes an Audit of the Council's Statement of Accounts . The Council's external Auditors issue an Audit Completion Report (Annual Audit Letter)  to the Council summarising the findings of their annual audit. This was formerly known as the Annual Audit Audit.  

Historically a separate Annual Governance Report was also provided to the Council. The last Annual Governance Report was issued to the Council for the 2011/2012 Financial Year, and is also available to download from the Audit Completion Report (Annual Audit Letter) page.