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Noise pollution

The Council has a legal duty to investigate complaints of Statutory Nuisance caused by excessive noise.

However, in the first place it may be helpful if you can approach the person / business responsible and explain to them the nature of the problem. They may not realise that they are causing you a problem.  

If the above does not help then complaints can be made to the Council's Environmental Health Department.  Anonymous complaints will not normally be investigated.

An Officer will contact you to discuss the case. A letter will then be sent to the noise maker advising them of the complaint. We do not say who has made the complaint.  In most cases this can resolve a situation.

Should the noise continue you will be asked to complete diary sheets detailing the times, date and duration of the noise. It is necessary to do this in order to show that there is a significant noise problem.  During the course of the investigation all attempts will be made to try and resolve the complaint informally.

If the council decides someone is causing a statutory noise nuisance a 'noise abatement' order will be served. This tells the person what they must do to stop making a noise nuisance or else face further legal action. If someone breaks an abatement order about noise from their home, they can be fined up to £5,000. If it's noise from a factory or business, the penalty can be up to £20,000.

Additional powers are available certain types of noise such as construction noise, security alarms or noise from licensed premises.

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