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Discounts for persons in detention

A 25% discount is available where only one adult lives in a property, but also where the second or all other adults are detained in prison. This is because they are not counted for Council Tax purposes. If the only person who lives in a property has been detained in prison, an exemption applies.

What are the conditions for a prisoner not being counted?

A person is in detention and not counted for Council Tax purposes if:

  • he/she is detained in prison, hospital or any other place by the order of the court;
  • he/she is detained and awaiting deportation
  • he/she is detained under the Mental Health Acts; or
  • he/she is detained by the army, navy or airforce for a period exceeding 48 hours provided he/she is not held in custody under open arrest.

It should be noted that people who have been temporarily discharged are still treated as detained.

If, however, a person is detained for non-payment of the Council Tax or a fine they are not treated as detained.

How to apply

Download and fill in word icon Application form - Council Tax discount for persons in detention [247kb] and return to Customer Services