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Licensing Committee

The Licensing Committee considers all issues arising from the Licensing Act 2003 and all other licensing matters for which the Council is responsible, such as taxis (hackney carriages and private hire).

The Licensing Committee exercises the Council's powers in relation to all its licensing functions, subject to its recommending policy for those areas that fall outside the policy or budget framework, which will be submitted to the Council Meeting for approval or adoption.  The terms of reference of the Licensing Committee and its Sub-Committee can be found on page 8 of word icon Committee Terms of Reference 2011 [86kb]

Licensing matters requiring a hearing before councillors are dealt with by the Licensing Sub-Committee, which is made up of three members of the Licensing Committee each time it meets.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty downloading papers from this page, please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mailing or by telephone on 01756 706235 or 706486.