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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee and its sub-committee (Craven Spatial Planning) exercise the Council's powers in making decisions or recommendations on all major non-regulatory matters.

The Policy Committee is comprised of 15 Councillors and makes decisions on matters within its terms of reference that are not delegated to officers or the regulatory committees, or reserved to the Council Meeting.  Details of the terms of reference can be found on page 3 of word icon Committee Terms of Reference 2011 [86kb]. Decisions on plans, policies or strategies which are considered to have a significant corporate impact, or which have a significant impact on the Council's resources, are referred to the Council Meeting for confirmation.

All meetings of the Committee are open to the public.  

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty downloading papers from this page, please contact the Democratic Services Team by e-mail or by telephone on 01756 706486 .

[Note:  If you require any committee documents before May 2010, please email us.]