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Select Committee

The Select Committee (formerly known as the Overview and Scrutiny Committee) role is to assist in the development of new and review of existing policy, as well as scrutinise decisions of the Council, which may be outside the Council's budget and policy framework.

In undertaking overview and scrutiny the Select Committee looks at issues of local concern, and is a way for the public to get more involved in the Council's decision-making.  In addition to reporting and making recommendations on new and existing policy, and occasionally scrutinising decisions of the Council,  exceptionally, the Committee may look at how others who serve the local community are operating, such as the police and health services.  The terms of reference can be found on pages 4 and 5 of word icon Committee Terms of Reference 2011 [86kb]

Members of the public may be invited to give their views on issues under consideration.  The outcomes of the reviews are reported to the Policy Committee and other committees, or, as appropriate, outside bodies. 

The Committee may appoint working groups to help it carry out its work more effectively.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulty downloading papers from this page, please contact the Democratic Services Team by emailing or by telephone on 01756 706235 .

[Note:  If you require any committee documents before May 2010, please email us.]