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Tenders and contracts

  • Procurement Strategy

    The Council is committed to ensuring the procurement of goods and services is undertaken in a fair and transparent manner and as efficiently as possible.

  • Procurement - contracts lists

    A list of contracts that are available for tender, or are coming up for tender.

  • Approved suppliers

    Craven District Council does not hold an approved suppliers list or a contractors list at the present time.

  • Procurement - contracts management

    All accepted suppliers are monitored throughout the contract period, and will be subject to several performance reviews.

  • Winning Council business

    Craven District Council is approached by many suppliers and contractors wanting to supply goods and services. Ensuring that procurement is undertaken efficiently and achieves best value is vitally important for the Council.

  • Payments to Suppliers

    The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 requires authorities to publish information on the proportion of invoices paid within 30 days in accordance with Regulation 113