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Wards and Parishes

A list of Craven District Wards, each of which is made up of one or more Parishes or part of a Parish.

Each Ward elects either one or two Councillors to Craven District Council, depending upon the number of electors in the Ward.  The average number of electors per District Councillor is around 1,500.

The Parish Councils (also called Town Councils) and Parish Meetings in Craven are statutory bodies and the way they work is governed by the law. 
[The Council carried a Community (Parish) Governance Review in 2011 and information about that can be found in Community Governance Review of Parishes in Craven.]


The whole of the Craven District is parished. There are a total of 72 Parishes and, of these, 37 are Parish Councils, including two Grouped Parish Councils (Kirkby Malhamdale and Ribble Banks), which are made up of a total of 7 of the Parish Meetings. Those 30 Parishes that do not form part of a parish council in Craven District are all Parish Meetings.

Both parish / town councils and parish meetings, where there is no parish / town council, can raise money by putting a charge on the council tax for the households in their parish.  In terms of the way they work and make decisions, the main difference is that:

  • a parish council is made up of parish councillors elected by the local government electors for that parish; and
  • a parish meeting is made up of the local government electors for that parish

The largest Parish is Skipton with a population of just over 14,000 and the smallest is Nappa with a population below 10.

For details of your Parish Council or Parish Meeting, you can find the information under the Ward name below.  If you don't know which Ward the Parish is in, enter the Parish name in the 'Search' facility above right..