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Council Meeting debates on petitions

If a petition contains more than 550 signatures regarding a district wide issue, or 100 for a purely ward issue, it will be debated by the Council Meeting unless it is a petition asking for a senior council officer to give evidence at a public meeting. This means that the issue raised in the petition will be discussed at a meeting which all our Councillors can attend.  The petition organiser will be given five minutes to present the petition at the meeting and the petition will then be discussed by Councillors for a maximum of 15 minutes. 

The Council will decide how to respond to the petition at this meeting.  It may decide to take the action the petition requests; not to take the action requested for reasons put forward in the debate; or to commission further investigation into the matter, by such as a relevant committee.  The petition organiser will receive written confirmation of this decision.  This confirmation will also be published on our website.