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Deaths, funerals and cremations

  • Bereavement - advice and support

    When somebody close to you dies, you will need advice and support to help you deal with your loss. Your loss is unique to you and you will cope with it in your own way.

  • Funerals, burials

    Craven District Council manages Skipton Cemetery located at Waltonwrays Cemetery on Carleton Road in Skipton and Ingleton Cemetery.

  • Funerals, cremation

    Skipton Crematorium is located at Waltonwrays Cemetery on Carleton Road in Skipton. Services for cremations can be held in the multi denominational chapel on site.

  • Skipton Waltonwrays and Ingleton Cemetery

    Waltonwrays Cemetery and Crematorium is located between Skipton and Carleton and can be approached from either the A59 via Carleton or from the A629 via Skipton.

  • Funeral cost information

    Cost information for Skipton Crematorium and Skipton and Ingleton Cemeteries

  • Funeral memorials

    Information regarding memorials that are available for Skipton Crematorium and Skipton and Ingleton Cemeteries.

  • Independent funerals

    It is often assumed, quite wrongly, that funerals can be arranged only with the services of a funeral director. It can often be a great comfort to bereaved relatives to be involved partly or totally, in the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one. Funerals arranged by the bereaved by their very nature contain a far higher personal input, which evokes more emotion and can celebrate the life of the deceased in a more moving and individual way.

  • Registering a death

    Death should be registered in the district in which it takes place within five days of the date of death. Upon receipt of all required information pertaining to the deceased person a death certificate is issued by the registrar. If the person died in North Yorkshire, you may visit any registration office in North Yorkshire to register the death.

  • Registering a stillbirth

    Every still-birth in England or Wales must be registered in the district in which it takes place, normally within 42 days.

  • Coroners and sudden death investigations

    Coroners inquire into deaths reported to them which appear to be violent, unnatural, or of sudden and unknown causes. The coroner will seek to establish the medical cause of death, through a post-mortem examination if necessary. If the cause remains in doubt after a post-mortem, an inquest will be held.

  • Mortuaries

    A mortuary (or morgue) in a hospital or elsewhere is used for the refrigerated storage of human corpses awaiting identification, removal for autopsy or disposal by burial, cremation or otherwise. The Public Health Act 1936 gives local authorities the power to provide a mortuary for the reception of bodies and the carrying out of post-mortems.

  • Funeral records

    Craven District Council holds records of burials and cremations for Skipton Crematorium, Skipton and Ingleton Cemeteries.

  • Death, historical searches

    Searches of the records in a Registrars Office for details of a previously registered death. Copy certificates can only be obtained from the district in which the death was first registered. The minimum information needed to find an entry is the name of the person, place and year of death.

  • Death abroad

    All deaths must be registered in the country where the person died.

  • Exhumations

    Exhumation is the removal from the ground of a body or cremated remains from their place of interment.