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Searches of the records in a Registrars Office for details of a previously registered death. Copy certificates can only be obtained from the district in which the death was first registered. The minimum information needed to find an entry is the name of the person, place and year of death.

When you ask for a copy of a certificate, the registrar will issue this from the register in their custody. This means you can only obtain copies of certificates from the registration office where the death was registered.

When applying for a copy certificate in North Yorkshire, the registrars need at least the following information:

  • The full name and surname of the person and any other name they may have been using;
  • and the place and date of the death.

The more information you can provide the better. Additional information could include:

  • The exact date of the death;
  • The exact location of the death;
  • The age at death;
  • The occupation of the deceased;
  • or The General Register Office St Catherine's index reference number. This indicates an entry in the register has been made. However, it is worth stressing that whilst this confirms the death took place, the reference in the General Register Office (GRO) index is relevant only to GRO searching and does not apply to the records held by us.

Unfortunately, North Yorkshire County Council is unable to issue certificates from other local authority registration offices, so you will need to contact the relevant registration district. Application forms may be used to obtain copies of certificates for deaths that have occurred in other areas and should be sent directly to the relevant registration office.

This service is provided by North Yorkshire County Council, for further information about their service please see Death - historical searches.

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