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Repatriation of a deceased body from abroad to England or Wales

To arrange a funeral in England or Wales you will need:

  • an authenticated translation of a Death Certificate showing the cause of death and
  • a Certificate of No Liability to Register from the registrar in England and Wales. This certificate must be obtained from the registrar in whose area it is intended to bury or cremate the deceased.

To arrange a cremation, a cremation order from the Home Office or a form E from the coroner will be required. If the death was from natural causes, the Home Office will require the following documentation;

  • application for cremation (form A)
  • all original documentation from the country where death occurred
  • translation of documents if necessary

If the death was not natural it will be referred to the coroner who will open an inquest to investigate the cause and circumstances of death. In this case the coroner will issue form E for cremation.

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