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Elections - Current

Details of any current elections.

An election was held on Thursday, 10 April 2014 to fill a vacancy for the South Ward of Skipton Town Council.  A copy of the word icon Skipton Town Council - South Ward Result April 2014 [55kb] can be viewed here.

2014 - CRAVEN DISTRICT COUNCIL (and Parishes)

The next elections to be held for the Craven District Council and some of the Parish Councils will be held on 22 May 2014. These elections will be combined with the European Parliamentary Election. The word icon Notice of Election - District 2014 [57kb]  and the word icon Notice of Election - Parish 2014 [71kb] can be seen here.

The Wards and Parishes to be contested on 22 May are:


These are held every five years and will be held on Thursday, 22 May 2014. These elections are held using the list system, which is a proportional representation system of voting. The word icon Notice of Election - European 2014 [106kb] is here.



Elections will be held on Thursday, 22 May 2014 for the European Parliament and, in some areas within Craven, for District and Parish Councils.

We need the following staff to work on the Polling Stations:

Presiding Officers - £210 per day

Previous experience is essential and you should ideally have been a Poll Clerk at least twice. You will be responsible for managing the polling station, briefing staff, dealing with enquiries and completing paperwork. At the close of poll you will be required to bring all items to an allocated drop off point.

Poll Clerks - £125 per day

You will be responsible for recording and issuing ballot papers as well as assisting members of the public and opening / closing the polling station.

The hours of poll are 7 am until 10 pm; however election employees are expected to be at the polling station no later than 6.30 am and will be required to remain until the station is full closed and paperwork completed.

Attendance at a training session is compulsory for all Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks. The fee for attendance is £25.00.

For further information please contact the Elections Office on or 01756 706241.