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Independent funerals

It is often assumed, quite wrongly, that funerals can be arranged only with the services of a funeral director. It can often be a great comfort to bereaved relatives to be involved partly or totally, in the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one. Funerals arranged by the bereaved by their very nature contain a far higher personal input, which evokes more emotion and can celebrate the life of the deceased in a more moving and individual way.

Funeral directors may be not be chosen for a variety of reasons. People may feel that passing the body of a loved one over to strangers is wrong. Some feel that personally organising a funeral is their final tribute to the deceased person.  Others may simply wish to save money by doing everything themselves or found the experience of using a funeral director unsatisfactory. Some may feel that funerals arranged with a funeral director are routine and processed, and some may desire an innovative and different approach.

Your rights under our Charter for the Bereaved concerning arranging a funeral without a Funeral Director are as follows:

  1. It is your right to organise a funeral without the use of a Funeral Director.
  2. It is your right, as executor (or next of kin) to be given the body by a mortuary, hospital, etc in order to carry out a funeral without a Funeral Director.
  3. It is your right to obtain a coffin (minimum biodegradable type) via your Charter member.
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