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  1. Craven District Council manages 16 allotment plots in Aireville Park, Skipton and 5 plots on Granville Street, Skipton only. Please contact your local Parish Council if you require an allotment in a different town/ village.Please note there are no plots currently available and there is a long waiting list.
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    1. Have you previously held the tenancy of a Council allotment? * *
    2. If Yes, please provide the allotment number.
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      1. I understand that any structure I may erect must be in all respects in accordance with the requirements of the Tenancy Agreement. I have printed a copy of the Regulations Governing Applications for a Council Allotment
      2. Should you be allocated an allotment, do you agree to remove any structures which you may erect on the land forthwith upon your tenancy being terminated if so required?