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Application E form for Council Tax Disregard

iCM Form
  1. Council Tax Discount
    1. We can give you a discount of 25% of the Council Tax bill for periods where there is only one person living in the property.
    2. In certain circumstances we will also give a discount when there is more than one person living in the property. This happens when we can disregard all but one of the residents [or all of the residents] when we assess your Council Tax discount.
    3. People who we can disregard under the Council Tax regulations are:
    4. a) All occupants under 18 years of age
    5. b) Persons over 18 for whom Child Benefit is payable
    6. c) Aged 18 - 19 in further education not job related
    7. d) Students or student nurses
    8. e) Apprentices or YT trainees
    9. f) People who are severely mentally impaired
    10. g) Long term hospital patients
    11. h) Patients in care homes
    12. i) Carers and care workers
    13. j) Residents in certain hostels
    14. k) Members of religious communities