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Translating and interpreting services

Interpreting and translating

Translating and interpreting services

All our services and publications should be accessible to all members of the public therefore we provide information in different formats and languages. We are also committed to providing documents in different formats and languages when requested, if we do not already do so. We provide all of our services and publications in Braille, audio, large print and in a variety of different languages.

Requesting information in a different language or format

You may have a particular communication requirement when accessing our services, for example you may require sign language interpretation, or documents translated into a different language. We can also provide interpreted conversations and translated leaflets and forms.

To request information in a different language or format, or for additional support to access any of the Council's services, please contact customer services on 01756 706290 or email  

Translating this website

You can also read this website in other languages