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Craven District Council operates one Overview and Scrutiny Committee with 12 Members.

Craven District Council operates a committee system for making decisions, and this is complemented by an Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The main role of Overview and Scrutiny is:

  • vetting decisions made by the Policy Committee;
  • getting involved in developing and reviewing the Council's policies for key service areas, such as the local economy, addressing housing needs and individual services; and
  • monitoring the Council's performance in delivering its services.

In addition, Overview and Scrutiny has an important role in considering local issues of concern and involving the community.

Annual Report

O&S publishes an Annual Report and copies are available to download below. 

word icon Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2010-11 [173kb]    

pdf icon Overview and Scrutiny Annual Report 2011-12 [553kb]

For further information on the Overview and Scrutiny function, please contact 01756 706236 or