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What happens when I comment on a planning application?

This page outlines what happens when you comment on a planning application and how we will deal with your comments.


What happens when we receive your comment on a planning application?

We will endeavour to acknowledge your comments within 5 working days.  Comments should be made via the public access Planning Application Database.  The acknowledgement letter will tell you how to monitor progress of the application. Comments made verbally to Council Officers cannot be taken into account in the decision-making process.

Your comments will be displayed on the public register within the application documents. The applicant has the right to see your letter.

What will we do with your comments?

The Case Officer will consider all the comments for a planning application and summarise them in a report.  It is not possible to enter into any detailed correspondence with anyone who has expressed an interest in a current planning application.

Sometimes, the Case Officer may seek changes to an application to overcome planning concerns that have been raised. If significant changes are made to the proposed scheme the application will be publicised again.

The Planning Officer dealing with the application will form a professional view on the acceptability of the proposal. This may involve assessing responses to consultations from Parish & Town Councils, other Council departments or outside bodies, as well as comments from local residents.

In reaching a recommendation on the application the Case Officer will need to ensure that all comments made are taken into account and considered. (Please note that taking comments into account is not the same as agreeing with the comments that have been made.)

In addition to considering comments received and consultation responses there will be other planning related factors that need to be considered in reaching a decision. In particular, Planning Law requires that applications must be determined in accordance with the Development Plan unless other relevant planning considerations indicate otherwise. Applications may therefore be recommended for approval even though objections have been made, or alternatively recommended for refusal in cases where there has been letters of support.

Some comments that are made cannot be taken into account because they are not planning matters. Further advice on this is available on our web page What are relevant planning considerations?

A wider explanation of the planning application process is available on our web page How the planning application process works.