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Committees - calendar, minutes, agendas, reports

All Council and Committee documents can be found on the pages below. Downloads about committee memberships, and the powers delegated to committees and officers are shown on the right-hand side of this page.

Democratic Services will send you a copy of any minutes, reports or other information that you are unable to find on these pages. To do this, send a request using or the contact details set out on the right below.

  • Calendar of Council Meetings

    Calendar of Craven District Council Committees for the Council year May 2017 to May 2018.

  • Audit and Governance Committee

    The Audit and Governance Committee plays a key role within the Council's corporate governance arrangements and seeks to improve and maintain the corporate focus on the issues arising from risk management, internal control mechanisms, internal and external audit, and financial statements.

  • Council Meeting

    The Council Meeting is the sovereign policy making body and is made up of all 30 members of the Council. All Council and other committee and sub-committee meetings are open to the public, except when exempt matters are being discussed.

  • Craven Spatial Planning Sub-Committee

    The Craven Spatial Planning Sub-Committee considers the Council's draft Local Development Planning Documents and planning policy for the area of Craven which is outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

  • Licensing Committee

    The Licensing Committee considers all issues arising from the Licensing Act 2003 and all other licensing matters for which the Council is responsible, such as taxis (hackney carriages and private hire).

  • Licensing and Appeals Sub-Committee

    The Sub-Committee deals with applications and appeals relating to the Council's licensing functions which are not delegated to officers.

  • Planning Committee

    The Committee is responsible for making decisions on planning applications, planning enforcement and other operational planning and building control matters, which require a decision by Councillors.

  • Policy Committee

    The Policy Committee and its sub-committee (Craven Spatial Planning) exercise the Council's powers in making decisions or recommendations on all major non-regulatory matters.

  • Recruitment and Appeals Panel

    The Panel is responsible for making decisions relating to the recruitment and appointment of chief officers and senior management posts where the Council's Constitution require a Member Panel to make the appointment. The Panel also determines appeals relating to employees matters such as discipline and grievance.

  • Select Committee

    The Select Committee (formerly known as the Overview and Scrutiny Committee) role is to assist in the development of new and review of existing policy, as well as scrutinise decisions of the Council, which may be outside the Council's budget and policy framework.

  • Standards Committee

    The role of the Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct for District and Parish Councillors and to advise Councillors on matters of conduct. The Committee's terms of reference cover reviewing and monitoring of the Council's Member related protocols and the Code of Conduct.

  • Statutory and Senior Officers Employment Committee

    This is not a standing committee of the Council but is constituted as a politically proportionate committee when the terms and conditions of service of chief officers are under consideration.