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Elections - Results of Past Elections

This page gives the results for the most recent of various types of election held in Craven District in the past few years.

The Council's Returning Officer is responsible for the conduct of local and national elections, and referendums in the Craven District .  Below you will find information about the most recent results of recent Craven District Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Parliamentary General elections, and the last National Referendum.               

District Council Elections

Craven District Council has 30 Councillors representing 19 Wards; each ward has either 1 or 2 Councillors. A third of the Council is elected in three out of every four years' period.  District Councillors serve a term of four years.  The results of the last three elections are , pdf icon Craven District Council Election Results 2010 [62kb],pdf icon Craven District Council - Election Results 2011 [59kb] and pdf icon District - Declaration of Results 2012 [74kb].

For elections before the years above, please contact

Further information about forthcoming elections the Craven District can be found in Election Results 2014.


County Council Elections

Skipton West By-Election July 2014

North Yorkshire County Council 2013 pdf icon North Yorkshire County Council Election Results 2013 [48kb] .

North Yorkshire County Council 2009  pdf icon North Yorkshire County Council Election Results 2009 [6kb].


Parish Council Elections

Parish elections are held in different parts of the District in three out of every four years' period, alongside the District Ward elections.

Parish Election Results 2014 pdf icon Parish Election Results 2014 [41kb]


Parliamentary Elections

The Member of Parliament for the Skipton and Ripon Constituency is voted into the House of Commons at a parliamentary general election (or by-election).  This is the pdf icon Skipton and Ripon Constituency Election Result 2010 [15kb] ; the date of the election was 6 May 2010.


European Elections

The UK's membership of the European Union means that elections to the European Parliament are held every 5 years.

The European Parliamentary Elections were held on 22 May 2014 so the next one will be in 2018.

This is the 2014 pdf icon European - Declaration of local result - Craven [22kb]



A By-election can be held if a Councillor, Parish, District or County, or the Police and Crime Commissioner or the Member of Parliament dies or resigns.  By-Elections are not required for replacing Members of the European Parliament because of the electoral list system which is used.


Police and Crime Commissioner

An election was held for the new Police and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire on 15th November 2012.  The Commissioner will do the work undertaken by the North Yorkshire Police Authority.  The first Commissioner will hold office until May 2016 and the terms of office will be for four years after that.

This is the pdf icon Result of the Police and Crime Commissioner Election in North Yorkshire [22kb]  held in November 2012 together with the pdf icon result of the poll in the Craven District. [20kb]