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Civil emergencies - emergency plan

As a local authority it is our role to support the emergency services in the case of a major incident. We are on call 24 hours a day and will coordinate the council's response during a major incident.

Civil emergencies - emergency plan

Emergency Telephone Number: 01653 699 392 (Out of Hours)

What is a major incident/emergency?

  • natural disasters such as floods and storms
  • pollution i.e. spillages, radioactive substances, toxic gases
  • war or terrorism
  • any incident which is a threat to the welfare of the community

The Emergency Plan

The Council has an Emergency Plan in order to deliver services during a major incident. The plan contains details of actions to be taken following a request for assistance by the emergency services or the Council. The following are contained in the plan:

  • emergency call out list
  • flood plan
  • severe Weather warnings
  • district snow plan
  • chemical/biological incident plan
  • rest centre plan
  • media plan
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