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Planning policy facts & figures

This is the planning policy page for planning studies, evidence base, duty to co-operate, surveys/monitoring and annual monitoring reports.

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Planning studies

These contribute to our "evidence base" on a range of local economic, environmental and social issues.









Duty to co-operate

Public bodies have a duty to co-operate on planning issues that cross administrative boundaries. Below are details of the main issues resolved so far.


The following information comes from surveys and data monitoring that we carry out ourselves on a regular basis.

Housing land supply

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local planning authorities to identify and update annually a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years worth of housing against their housing requirements.  In the past, bimonthly Housing Position Statements were published, however in order to meet the requirements of the NPPF we have now moved to annual reporting of the five year housing land supply and a housing trajectory. The latest (current) and previous (superseded) reports are available below.

Core retail areas

Our monitoring of core retail areas provides useful information about the mix of shops, other uses (such as cafes) and vacant premises in local centres, which can be helpful in deciding planning applications to change the use of shop units (see policy R3 of the current local plan).

Annual monitoring reports

These reports are intended to monitor the effectiveness of local plans in achieving their objectives, and include key housing and employment statistics for the previous financial year. The latest report is available below.

Previous reports are also available: