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Strategic flood risk assessment

The strategic flood risk assessment (SFRA) is a study into the extent and severity of flood risk in the area.

The SFRA provides an understanding of flood risk from all sources and identifies the extent and severity of flood risk across the council's planning area. This helps the council to steer development away from areas where flood risk is considered greatest and to ensure that development is undertaken in a safe, cost effective and sustainable manner. The assessment was prepared for the council by specialists, JBA Consulting, with input from the Environment Agency, Yorkshire Water and United Utilities. It is an important source of information for the new local plan and in the determination of planning applications.

SFRA 2017 written report:

Below are 2 index and 91 detailed SFRA maps covering the council's whole planning area. Use the index maps to find which detailed map covers the particular location you're interested in.

SFRA 2017 maps:

The previous SFRA from 2010 is now superseded and is archived below for historical background only. Please refer to the current 2017 SFRA, above, for correct and up-to-date flood risk information.

SFRA 2010 written report:

SFRA 2010 maps:

Please note that individual sites shown on the 2010 SFRA maps were chosen for study purposes only.