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19/06/2014 - Councillor Linda Brockbank elected Chairman of the Council

At the Annual Meeting of Craven District Council Councillor Linda Brockbank was elected Chairman of the Council until the Annual Meeting in 2015. Her partner, William Gardner, will be Chairman's Consort for the year.

Councillor Brockbank was born in Morecambe, Lancashire. She is a Conservative Member representing the Bentham Ward and was first elected in 2010.

Councillor Brockbank says that her objectives are to be a good ambassador for Craven Council, forging new links and strengthening existing ones with residents, businesses, services and the Armed Forces both inside and outside of Craven District for the benefit of all.

Cllr Brockbank's work background has been in the nuclear electricity generation industry, and her interests are horse riding, travelling off the beaten track, painting and the theatre.

Councillor Brockbank's good cause during her year of office is Lupus UK. She would like to raise awareness of the illness. Lupus is an incurable immune system illness which can attack the body's organs and nervous system. It can be difficult to diagnose as it can often be mistaken for other illnesses. It can be a debilitating illness that can severely affect family life.

William Gardner was born in Dolphinholme, Lancashire and his interests are reading and history.