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Opting out of the Open Register

If you do not want your details to appear on the Open Register of Electors which is available for general sale, you may opt out. Under election law, we must offer this choice to you each year and the opt-out only applies for the next 12 months.

How do I get removed from the open register?

The open register was previously referred to as the edited register and it has been in operation since 2001. A person can inform the election team at any time if they wish to be removed (or opt-out) from the open register.

The request needs to contain your full name and address and can be in writing, via email, phone or form.

There is no need for anyone to re-register online just to change their opt-in or opt-out status.

Opting out of the Open Register

You can choose whether or not you want your details to appear in the Open Register. Asking for your details to be withheld from the Open Register is known as 'opting-out'.

When the register is updated you will receive an acknowledgement letter in the post.