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Craven announces a further Council Tax freeze

Craven District Council has confirmed a freeze on its Council Tax at £152.21 (band D) for a fifth successive year so householders will have no increase in Council Tax for 2015/16.

Members of Craven District Council unanimously agreed at Full Council (24 February) to accept a compensatory grant estimated at 35K from the Government - the equivalent to a 1% increase in Council Tax.

Members also approved a net revenue budget of £7.168 million for 2015/16. Council Tax will generate a total of £3,252,248 towards this budget.

Councillor Richard Foster, Leader of the Council said: "We have frozen Council Tax for a fifth consecutive year which means Craven District Council will be costing each household in Craven on average just under £3 a week. This is in spite of another massive reduction in the revenue support grant of 27%, (a loss in cash terms of £443k) and approving a number of growth bids from within the Council to improve yet further the way we operate. We can do this because of the previous sometimes difficult decisions we have made. Over the last year savings of £130k have been delivered leading to a cumulative savings total of £541k and I would like to thank our residents and Council staff for their continued support in delivering these savings. Looking ahead we must sustain our income levels and we have confidence in potential new income streams made possible by creatively using the New Homes Bonus on projects such as Skipton Town Hall and build to rent."

Council Tax is divided between the District Council, North Yorkshire County Council, North Yorkshire Police Authority, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority and parish councils. 

The total Band D Council Tax will be as follows:


Craven DC


North Yorkshire County Council


Police and Crime Commissioner North Yorkshire


North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service




Town & Parish Council (average)




This means that overall the owner of a Band D house will pay on average a total of £1,584.91 in Council Tax.  

For each pound collected 69p goes to North Yorkshire County Council, 13p goes to the North Yorkshire Police Authority, 4p will go to the North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority and 4p will go to town and parish councils.   Only 10p in each pound goes to the District Council.

Council Tax is collected by Craven District Council on behalf of the council, town and parish councils, the county council, the police and the fire and rescue authorities.