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Council sets record straight over temporary mosque

A temporary marquee mosque in Skipton has temporary planning permission to be in place until the end of August.

Craven District Council has also agreed to extend the licence for the mosque until the end of August when the planning permission runs out. The Council fully expects the marquee will be removed on 31st August in accordance with the terms of the planning permission and licence for use of the land.

The marquee was erected last year as a temporary home for the Jamia mosque used by the Broughton Road Community. The Council has granted planning permission on two previous occasions to use the land for prayer purposes whilst building works are underway at the permanent mosque in the town. Construction work was delayed however due to engineering complications associated with the steel work and poor weather.

The recent application received 2 letters of objection from the local community. Noise nuisance from the use was one of the key concerns raised. However, offers to install noise monitoring equipment were declined as the complaints commented that noise disturbance had been reduced.

Paul Ellis, Director of Services commented "The Council were made aware of a noise complaint from a resident in the vicinity. Unfortunately they chose to turn down the offer of noise monitoring equipment. We have been liaising with the elders of the mosque in encouraging them to keep the noise levels down and this clearly did have some impact as when noise monitoring equipment was offered it was turned down as it was felt that the noise levels had subsided. Throughout we have stressed that in there are certain legal steps that must be taken in dealing with noise complaints in order to act lawfully."

At the Council Planning Meeting Councillors heard the views of both those in support and against the proposal but decided to grant planning permission for a further temporary period, but urged the applicants to complete the building works as promptly as possible.

Paul Ellis, concluded "We are aware there are a number of reports circulating that the temporary mosque is operating illegally but I must stress that this is not the case. Planning permission and an extended licence has been granted for the structure."

Inspector Geoff Crocker, of Skipton Police, said: "Skipton is a close-knit, cohesive community, anda wonderful place in which to live and work. It's a very safe town, where people look out for one another and everyone is welcome.

"We have been working closely with local residents to address any issues and ensure that our community's welcoming, inclusive nature is maintained."

Press released date: Thursday 16th July 2015