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Councillors approve £100,000 plans to boost Cross Hills village centre

Plans to make Cross Hills village centre a vibrant location for residents from across South Craven have been approved by Craven District councillors.

The ambition is to create a more attractive, friendly and safe village for residents and visitors alike.

Members of the council's policy committee agreed to allocate £100,000 from the Council's New Homes Bonus Infrastructure Reserve to support the plans.

Following consultation with the parish council and local traders, key issues identified include heavy traffic and poorly maintained and cluttered pavements, some low quality shop fronts, public toilets in poor repair, and the village's limited appeal as a place to shop, eat or socialise.

The council is holding on-going work looking at the traffic on the Main Street and the potential reinstatement of the railway station, but this will involve considerable time and resources and is not part of this phase of work.

However £50,000 is likely to be spent on refurbishment of the pavements to make them friendlier and safer for users.

The Recycling bring site in Hall Street, which is currently large and untidy, could potentially be reduced, closed or relocated. The district council will be consulting with the parish council and the local ward members to gain their views before taking any plans forward.

A Cross Hills Heritage Building Scheme will also be developed to enhance the Main Street, working with heritage groups in the community, local traders and the parish council, with the hope of seeking Heritage Lottery Funding and other sources to improve key buildings.