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2014 - 2015 consultation archive

Feedback from consultation by the Council 1st April 2014 - 31st March 2015

Pump Track Consultation - Closed 11 February 2015

A design for a pump track in Aireville Park was submitted to the council as part of the invitation to quote for tendering the design and build of the track.  The design was circulated to key stakeholders for feedback and shared on facebook, along with an invite to a community consultation and engagement event on the 4th February.  Twenty Four people attended the session from across a full age range from 6 years to 70 years.   A final track design was crafted to include suggested improvements.  Pump Track Consultation Feedback [186kb]

Budget - Closed 12 December 2014

The Council approved its revenue budget for 2015/16 on 24th February 2015. We undertook a Budget Consultation with residents as part of the budget setting in September to December 2014.  The 2015/2016 detailed annual budget forms the first year of a rolling three year Medium Term Financial Strategy. Taking a longer term view enables us to plan our finances over several years to ensure our resources are aligned to the delivery of the Council's priorities. The Budget Consultation set out some key issues to think about and invited residents to tell us if they think we spend your money in the most effective way, and to tell us how we could spend it better.   The Budget Consultation 15/16 Feedback Report [454kb] includes the results of the consultation and tells you how we are responding.  As well as being used to inform budget setting, the results of the consultation will also be used to inform service planning and improvement. The Council's 2015/16 Revenue budget will be available on the Council's website in the next few months on The Council's Budget

Local Plan - Closed 3 November 2014

We have had an excellent response to the draft local plan with a total of 864 comments from local residents, local businesses, parish councils, statutory bodies, voluntary organisation, local interest groups and the development industry. The feedback has been very constructive and will be considered carefully. The Planning Policy team are currently assessing all the comments submitted and the following picture is emerging:

  • There are interesting suggestions for new or alternative sites that deserve to be thoroughly investigated.
  • Some further or updated evidence needs to be included in the draft Local Plan to justify choices and policies included.

More information and a presentation on the main comments made about the draft local plan can be found on the planning policy page for work on creating an up-to-date, New Local Plan to replace the current local plan.

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places - Closed 31st July 2014

We have completed our review of polling districts and polling places within the District of Craven.  The information is available online for inspection, and can also be viewed at the Council Offices, 1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton BD23 1FJ in normal office hours:

If any person or organisation wishes to make representations, in writing, to the effect that the review process has not been conducted correctly, they may do so by contacting: Legal Counsel, The Electoral Commission, Trevelyan House, Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2HW.

Contaminated Land Strategy - Closed 25th July 2014

Our Environmental Health Team consulted with all statutory partners on their draft Contaminated Land Strategy which set out how we intend to deal with contaminated land in the district. The Council also welcomed comments from the public.  Feedback was received and  included in the  New Contaminated Land Strategy [712kb] from Public Health England, Natural England and Hambleton District Council.

Open Space Survey - Closed 1st June 2014

We asked North Craven residents to complete an online survey on their views about the open spaces (included parks and gardens, allotments, play areas, cemeteries and civic spaces) to help to inform the emerging New Local Plan for Craven.  Following this pilot study and consultation, the Council will appoint a specialist company to carry out a full Craven wide open space assessment.  This will produce an Open Space Strategy and Action Plan for the Council and local stakeholders to use.

Craven Pool and Fitness Centre Survey - Closed 30th April 2014

Views about Craven Pool and Fitness Centre were requested via a short (10mins) online survey, non pool users were also encouraged to respond.  Survey Results [121kb]


Other organisations in Craven Consultation Feedback

North Yorkshire County Council libraries consultation - Closed 8 February 2015

NYCC asked for views on proposals for major expansion of community involvement in the county's library service. The results of the consultation on libraries will now be considered at NYCC's corporate and partnerships overview and scrutiny committee on 5 June, before going on to the executive on 7 July 2015.  The report and summary of libraries consultation feedback is available on the North Yorkshire County Council website.

North Yorkshire County Council proposed changes to the selective school admissions scheme - closed on 16 January 2015.

North Yorkshire County Council consulted on proposed school admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools for 2016/2017.  Consultation feedback will be made available on the North Yorkshire County Council website as soon as it's available.