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Advice for landlords

Advice and assistance available from the Housing Options team for landlords - to help them to help their tenants access private rented accommodation and sustain their tenancies.

Rented property

Landlords can seek advice and support from either the Housing Options or Environmental Health teams depending on the nature of their enquiry.

If you are seeking legal advice about tenancy issues, complying with legislation or improving your accommodation - please visit Environmental Health team's Advice for Landlords web page.

This page will give you information on resolving tenancy issues, our Bond & Rent in Advance scheme and other support our Housing Options team are able to offer you to help your tenants sustain their tenancies.

We are able to offer Private Sector Landlords a range of things to help them help their tenants - we call this our Private Rented Sector Offer. Our "offer" includes:

Help to find tenants for your property

Each week we get enquiries from people who are seeking accommodation. If you need help finding tenants, please contact the Housing Options team and we would be pleased to put forward suitable households interested in renting from the private rented sector. This is an area of work we wish to develop further and are keen to hear from landlords with properties available for rent.

Help to review prospective tenants

We will, with the household's permission, review a tenant's suitability to rent your property before putting them forward as a prospective tenant for you.

A single point of contact

We will nominate a Single Point of Contact for you - so you can deal with the same person at the Council for all your issues. They will liaise with other teams including Revenues & Benefits on your behalf.

Fast-track to resolve benefit issues

We work closely with the Revenues & Benefit team and are able to offer "fast-track" advice, processing of housing benefit claims and resolving of benefit issues.

Help for landlords with tenants who claim a housing benefit

If you have tenants who are in rent arrears because of reduced income following a change in their welfare benefits - Discretionary Housing Payments may be available for tenants claiming housing benefits (Local Housing Allowance).

If you reduce your rent to Local Housing Allowance levels you may be able to get housing benefit (Local Housing Allowance) paid direct to you - even when Universal Credit comes into force.

To find out more about help for you and your tenants who claim a housing benefit  please contact the Housing Options Team.

Help to resolve tenancy issues

If you are experiencing problems with your tenant that you have been unsuccessful in resolving, please contact our Housing Options team who may be able to help.  We may be able to provide:

  • Access to housing related support from Foundation's Homelessness Prevention & Support Service
  • Financial support for your tenants to help them sustain their tenancy

The single point of contact will co-ordinate access to and queries with other departments and organisations that may help to resolve your tenancy issues.

Bond & Rent In Advance

We provide a Bond and Rent in Advance Scheme to assist households who want to rent privately but do not have the up-front costs required. The scheme covers:

  • Rent in Advance
  • Cash Bond        or a
  • Bond Guarantee

Cash Bonds must be registered with a national tenancy deposit scheme and further information regarding tenancy deposits can be found on the Environmental Health team's Advice for Landlords web page.

To find out more about our Bond & Rent In Advance scheme - please download our leaflet.

Other help

Our Environmental Health team are able to provide help to ensure the quality and safety of rented accommodation. In partnership with Harrogate Borough Council they hold a Landlord's Forum each year and produce a newsletter with updates on recent legislative changes.

To find out more please visit the Environmental Health team's Landlord Advice web page