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Mikron Theatre brings First World War drama to Skipton

Mikron Theatre is making its debut in Skipton with its new 2016 show Canary Girls at the Town Hall in April.

The UK's most prolific theatre company enjoyed a sell-out success of its 150-date 'One of Each' tour in 2015 with rave reviews across the country.

The Observer's reviewer Clare Brennan wrote: "Mikron continues a tradition of minimalist, popular, touring theatre that I, along with so many others in the audience, simply love."

The new show is set in summer 1914 - as old and new worlds collide on the shell factory floor, two sisters must ultimately decide, which takes more courage, following your dreams, or giving them up for the ones you love?

Funny, heartfelt and tender. Mikron presents a tale of two sisters well and truly at war.

Founded in 1972, 2016 marks Mikron's 45th year of touring.

The show takes place on Thursday April 28, at 7.30pm. Tickets £12 (£10 for under 25s). Book by calling 01756 792809.