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Craven welcomes Leeds City Credit Union

Craven District Council has announced a partnership with Leeds City Credit Union, offering people an easy and safe way of saving and borrowing money.

Leeds Credit Union

The Credit Union is a not-for-profit ethical financial organisation that exists to serve its members.

People who live and work in Craven are able to access savings and loan accounts through the service and Craven District Council staff can save directly through payroll deductions.

Paul Shevlin, Chief Executive at Craven District Council, said: "We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Leeds Credit Union to Craven.

"This is a fantastic and painless way for people to save for a special event, present or for a rainy day.

"Credit unions are ethical and not-for-profit, run for the benefit of their members, and we are really pleased they are now able to offer savings and loan accounts to people who live and work in Craven."

Horton Housing have been appointed to work with the council and the Credit Union and Development Worker Margaret Parker is promoting the services and raising awareness within Craven.

Laura Popple, Business Relationship Manager at Leeds City Credit Union, said: "Leeds City Credit Union has had a long history in partnering with local authorities and therefore we were delighted to be selected to be the credit union partner for Craven Council.

"The credit union shares the values of Craven Council  in wanting to assist our members, by improving their circumstances especially financial circumstances, and filling a void left in the Craven area.

"We hope our vast range of products and services, including savings, basic banking, low cost loans and our bill paying account, to name a few, help the residents of Craven to gain better access to fair honest banking.

"Leeds City Credit Union is very pleased with the close partnership working and a whole series of good ideas to reach out to those we jointly wish to serve. We look forward to taking the partnership further and expanding our membership base into the wider Craven area in the months & years to come."

Hannah Brown, Scheme Manager for Horton Housing, said: "Horton Housing's mission is to promote social justice and equal access through the provision of a range of services designed to deliver self-esteem, respect and independence to people who are disadvantaged by housing and social circumstances, discrimination, financial exclusion and other forms of social need. 

"We already work very closely with Craven District Council, and we are very pleased to have been chosen to deliver the Leeds Credit Union roll out in the Craven District, increasing awareness and access to the range of services and products offered. 

"The effect of poverty/financial exclusion on people's overall health and wellbeing is widely recognised and therefore improving and supporting access to LCU services is very much in line with Horton's aims." 

Leeds City Credit Union is a 'mutual' organisation, which means it is owned by its members and all the benefits are for members alone. It is one of the largest in the UK with around 36,000 members.

Leeds City Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

For more information on becoming a member and opening an account, go to or contact Margaret Parker on 01756 700600.