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Car owners urged to stop blocking blood donors at Skipton Town Hall

Car owners are being urged to stop using land directly next to Skipton Town Hall for parking, after a Blood Donors session had to be cancelled due to obstruction.

blood donations

Craven District Council owns Skipton Town Hall, which has some areas of land around it on Jerry Croft and directly behind the building, but these areas are not for public parking.

Cars should only park in this area if it has been agreed with Town Hall staff. Permission is often given for people hiring the Town Hall to load and unload or for workmen. It is important the area remains clear for this, and because the area is often used by pedestrians.

The Blood Service needs over 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients in need across England and North Wales. Its lorry carrying vital equipment has to park on a flat service close to the rear entrance where it is then loaded and unloaded.

Chloe Hampson Ward, Programming and Venue Manager at Skipton Town Hall, said: "Anyone who has walked past the Town Hall recently will have noticed many cars parked to the side of the building and behind it.

"Often these cars do not belong to anyone associated with the Town Hall and a great deal of staff time is then used to locate the owners so the space is clear for someone who has arranged to use it, such as the Blood Service."

The NHS Blood and Transplant team say it is vital as many people can donate as possible.

Amanda Eccles, NHS Blood and Transplant's Senior Marketing Coordinator, said: "Every time someone donates a unit of blood, their donation saves or improves the lives of up to three people. Blood donations are precious.

"Regular blood donors in Skipton would have helped to save thousands of lives and we cannot thank them enough. Unfortunately, a number of these donors may no longer be able to donate in the future due to health or other reasons so we need more people to come forward and help ensure patients always get the blood they need."

The council is appealing to businesses located around the Town Hall to make sure their staff are aware of the parking restrictions around the building.

There are five car parks in Skipton, the nearest being the High Street Car Park a little further behind the Town Hall.

The next blood donation session at Skipton Town Hall is on March 21st, 2016. For more information about giving blood, go to