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Craven District Council adds drinks cartons to kerbside recycling service

Craven District Council is starting to collect drinks cartons as part of the kerbside recycling service

drinks cartons

Residents can now recycle even more of their household rubbish, using the blue recycling bin currently used for glass, cans and plastic bottles.

Each year, manufacturers produce approximately 57,000 tonnes of waxed paper-based cartons to package milk, fruit juice and an increasingly wide range of food products, including soup, chopped tomatoes and pulses for the UK market.

The cartons were previously sent to landfill because they required special treatment to separate paper from other layers. Now, they can be put into the blue bins along with glass, cans and plastic bottles for recycling. Residents are asked to remember to squash the cartons before recycling.

Councillor Alan Sutcliffe, lead member for Greener Craven, said: "The residents of Craven have always responded well to the different recycling schemes we've implemented, but we've still got some tough targets to meet in Craven."

The high-quality wood fibres found in beverage cartons are flexible and strong, and can be recycled up to six times, making them a valuable raw material for new paper products. Currently 93% of UK Local Authorities collect cartons for recycling, either via bring bank or kerbside.

For more information on the council's recycling service, please visit our website or call 01756 700600.