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Environmental Health

Environmental Health covers a wide range of services listed below to protect public health and safety. The service has both an enforcement and advisory role, responding to the needs of the people and businesses of Craven.

In the event of legal action becoming necessary we seek to ensure, in a fair, even-handed and proportionate manner that businesses and individuals comply with the law.

  • Cleaner Neighbourhoods

    Keeping our communities cleaner promotes the well being and quality of life of the residents.

  • Private Water Supplies

    A private water supply is any water supply which is not provided by a water company (water undertaker) and which is not considered to be a 'mains' supply.

  • Pollution & Public Health

    Promoting the well being of Craven's Communities, Environmental Protection deals with a range of local environmental and public health issues in Craven, responding to complaints, providing advice and carrying out monitoring.

  • Food Safety

    Craven District Council provides a food safety service to make sure that food and drink provided in the Craven District is safe. We help businesses comply with the law through advice and inspection of food premises.

  • Health and Safety

    The environmental health team help businesses comply with the law through advice and inspection of businesses.

  • Housing Standards LogoHousing standards

    Housing standards

    The Housing Standards Officer within the Environmental Health team works to improve housing conditions for people in Craven, protecting their health, safety and well-being.

  • Environmental Health Licences & Registration

    Certain activities require registration and some require a licence from Environmental Health.