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Pest Control

Craven District Council are no longer able to offer a pest control service for its residents and businesses. If you have a problem with pests, insects, rats or mice that you cannot deal with, you should contact a professional pest control contractor who will be able to carry out the necessary treatment.

The council does have powers to ensure that land owners and occupiers control pests on their land or property. 

Before contacting a pest control contractor you should try to understand why the problem exists as there may be some simple low cost measures that you can take to control the pests and, importantly, to prevent them from returning. Many pests can be dealt with using pesticide products available in hardware stores and shops. If you do use pesticides or rodenticides you must carefully follow the instructions on the packaging to safeguard your own health, the health of any pets, and the environment.

If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself then the Yellow Pages lists a number of pest control contractors under Pest or Vermin Control, many of which show either the National Pest Technicians Association or the British Pest Control Association logo in their advert. This indicates that the contractor is a member of the National Pest Technicians Association or the British Pest Control Association, organisations that place great importance on promoting the highest standard of professionalism within the industry. Further information on different pests is also available on the Killgerm website.