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'From Craven to the Somme: Stories of wartime' Oral History project

The Craven and the First World War project is looking for people to take part in a new First World War Oral History project, starting this autumn.

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The project "From Craven to the Somme: Stories of wartime" wants people to come forward who may have an interesting story or second-hand account from the First World War. This could be anything about those from Craven serving at the front or about life back in the district's towns and villages at the time.

The project aims to help develop a greater understanding of life in Craven during the war by unearthing previously unheard stories and preserving them for the future. By collecting these unique stories and memories from the area the project volunteers will go on to record some of the second-hand accounts of the participants. These oral history interviews will then eventually be available to the public through both the Craven Museum's collection and website.

Rob Freeman, who is the museum's Project Officer for the Craven and the First World War project, said: "The anecdotal evidence and knowledge held within the community about life during the First World War is slowly disappearing and it is important to use the opportunity that the centenary commemorations provide us to collect the memories that have been passed down from those who lived during this time.

"The oral histories recorded will be of significant value to the community as it will give them a greater wealth of resources that will build a great understanding and appreciation for the local heritage."

Megan Hickes, who is a volunteer for the project, added: 'We are very excited to discover some hopefully unique and insightful stories from the First World War. We are particularly interested in what life was like for those men and women left behind in Craven, and how the area changed and adapted throughout the war."

If you have a story to share or would like to get involved in the project, please contact Megan Hickes at the museum on 01756 706225 or