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Councillors agree reduction in housing figures for Craven

Craven District Council's Spatial Planning Sub-Committee has agreed that the number of homes to be built in Craven should be reduced from 290 per year to 214 per year, up to the year 2032.

Councillors recommended the housing requirement after hearing new evidence from an updated Strategic Housing Market Assessment about the number of new homes needed.

The recommendations will now go to the council's Policy Committee for approval.

Councillors also agreed to recommend that the dwellings should all be allocated outside the area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, to eliminate uncertainty over planning in the National Park.

The sub-committee also accepted an Employment Land Review report, which proposes 29 ha of new employment land in Craven over the period to 2032.

David Smurthwaite, the council's strategic manager, said: "These figures are based on a new, objectively assessed housing need for the district. 

"This reduction in housing figures allows us greater flexibility in choosing sites and especially in addressing issues such as flooding and density of housing, and it may lead to some sites being withdrawn from the Local Plan.

"Once the figures are approved by the Policy Committee they will be used to prepare the next draft of the emerging Craven Local Plan for informal consultation in February or March next year, before the Local Plan is submitted for examination."

The timetable for the Local Plan was revised in October, partly due to the emergence of these changes in the objectively assessed need for housing. It is now anticipated that the Local Plan will be adopted by the end of 2017.

The Craven Local Plan sets out how land should be used in the future to achieve economic, environmental and social goals. Policies in the Local Plan will be used to decide planning applications including housing, retail and employment uses up to 2032.