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Raising Dementia Awareness in Skipton and South Craven

Local businesses and organisations are being encouraged to find out how to make their services more dementia friendly.

An event to raise awareness of dementia in Skipton and South Craven is being held at Belle Vue Mills, Skipton, on Wednesday February 8, with presentations at 5pm and 6.30pm.

Hazel Foster, a patient with dementia, will be giving a talk on living with the condition, and there will also be presentations from Steve Pool, head of the Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance, and Councillor Chris Moorby, Chairman of Craven District Council.

The Alzheimer's Society, Dementia Action Alliance, Dementia Friends, Making Space, Pioneer Projects, Carers' Resource and Dyneley House Surgery will all be attending the sessions.

Antony Radley, practice manager at Dyneley House Surgery in Skipton said: "This is a great opportunity for local businesses to find out more about dementia. 

"By joining the Dementia Action Alliance, businesses will receive support and practical help to make their environment or services more dementia friendly.

"Sometimes taking small steps can significantly improve the lives of people living with dementia and we hope local businesses will come along to find out more."

Craven District Council is working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Authority, and has already delivered Dementia Friends training to some frontline staff. The Skipton Town Hall rebrand and development is also taking into account dementia friendly guidelines.

Councillor Linda Brockbrank, Craven District Council's lead member for Working with Communities, said: "We believe it's important to play our part in improving the lives of people with dementia and we would urge other organisations in the district to join us. This is a growing issue in our district and we all need to help create a better society for people living with dementia and those who care about them."

Skipton and South Craven are in the process of setting up a local Dementia Action Alliance, similar to the group set up in North Craven by Age UK. A steering group has been set up with representations from dementia groups and North Yorkshire County Council as well as Craven District Council and Dyneley House Surgery.

A Local Dementia Action Alliance brings together regional and local members to improve the lives of people with dementia in their area. They are seen as the local vehicle to develop dementia friendly communities.

A Local Alliance can be established at any level, be it a village, city, county or even a region. They can overlap geographically and member organisations are encouraged to participate in more than one. There are currently 299 local alliances across the UK and this number is growing all the time.

To become a member of a local alliance organisations need to sign up to the National Dementia Declaration and submit a short action plan setting out how they are delivering the outcomes described in the Declaration. This plan is then published on the DAA website.

If you are unable to attend the event but would like more information, please email Antony Radley at the DAA on